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Promoting the Hobby

IPMS/Denver-Rob Wolf At the Denver Public Library

Article and Photos by Derek Brown, #21024

Sign Talk about an IPMS "marketing" effort! This display has been the main central lobby display of the USA's number one Public Library in the nation for 3 years in a row - the Denver Public Library (DPL). The DPL Library System is one of the biggest in the nation and had just under 5.3 million visitors (as counted through the doors) last year. Display

This display is in the HUGE case on the main floor of the central branch downtown. The cabinet is made up of five recessed panels - each panel being about 8 feet high by about 4 feet wide.

We were able to organize the display into segments including:
(Click the image to see a full-size photo)

Money Management
What to buy, how much to spend
Reading Comprehension
Scratch building/Scale Drawings
Motor Skills
Assembly, Detailing, Painting
Famous Model Builders

The display is obviously geared around the educational benefits of scale modeling to tie into the theme of the Library and the kid programs. This year's display has been up for only three days (of a five week run) and the amount of interest has been incredible. The Library has been inundated with comments, to the point where they have already asked us to display again in the future.

It is hoped that IPMS Denver/Rob Wolf gets many new visitors as a result of this display (one panel has information about when we meet an the info for our chapter contact). The display also throws a prop to Colpar Hobbies who has been so faithful in their support of IPMS Denver.

Getting new IPMS visitors and members - young and old - is the goal. The special thanks goes to Cliff Davis, Terry Tuytschaevers, Derek Brown and Colpar Hobbies for putting this together.

June 2004